Here are transcripts (and translations) of various interviews of A&P and other TV appearances. Please forgive any English mistakes- it's not that easy to translate all this!:-)
Some interviews include screenshots.

2000 Eisgala interview added January 7
Marina & Gwendal gave a short interview before skating.

Marina & Gwendal at "Tout le Sport" added January 7
Talking about their experience at the World championships and their favorite sport event of the year.

2001 Miss France election added January 7
Marina & Gwendal as judges for the first time!

2000 Trophée Lalique- after the gala added January 7

2000 Trophée Lalique- after the free dance added January 7

Marina & Gwendal at "30 millions d'amis"added January 7
Marina & Gwendal and their pets, Maroussia & Naba!

Gwendal and Olga Markova interviewed at the 2000 Masters Miko
Interview between the leaders of the two teams.

Marina & Gwendal special guests at "Thé ou café" (long)
A very interesting one. You will learn many things (and it took me so much time to transcript it that I would love you to read this!)!

Marina & Gwendal special guests at "Vendredi c'est Julie"
A fun interview like only Julie Snyder can do!

2000 Worlds

2000 Grand prix Final

2000 French championships
Mostly about the problem with Gwendal's boot.

1999 Trophée Lalique

1999 Masters Miko
Talking about their new exhibition program to "Danse mon Esmeralda".

1999 World championships
Disappointment after not winning the gold.

1999 Grand prix Final
Many quotes & an interview.

1999 European championships
Full of hope after winning the silver medal.

1998 Trophée Lalique
After their victory.

1998 Grand Prix Final
Talking about their hopes for the 98 year.

Photo © Olivier Brajon/Patinage Magazine

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