1999 European championships
After the free dance


Question: The title was given to the Russians by five judges to four, are you disappointed?
We are very very happy with our skating tonight, and we are even happier because the crowd was with us. We really skated very well tonight, it was one of our best performances this year; but I am very very disappointed by the judges here, because the order remains the same, but I think that step by step it will change, because we really feel good this year, we are at the top level (she looks at Gwendal), and I think things will change soon.
Gwendal: I don't think the order will remain the same, we are there to make it change (he smiles), so, without a doubt, at Worlds it will change. Tonight, they (Krylova & Ovsiannikov) were very afraid, we really need just one more judge, so... We don't loose our will, what we did tonight is really encouraging, and the crowd was with us...we are very happy.

Q: What do you expect from the Grand prix Final?
It will be difficult in St Petersburg... St Petersburg!!! (he laughs)
M: Not sure... I hope that the crowd will be with us. Here, they were with us at 100%.


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