1999 Grand Prix Final

Before the competition

Gwendal: "The results of the final won't mean anything. It's quite a strange competition. There is less pressure and you don't have the same feeling as in major competitions. There are very few competitors. It looks like a gala."
"The important thing is the impression we'll leave here. If we can be as successful as in Prague, it will be a big step for Helsinki."
"We have a good relationship with Krylova & Ovsiannikov. We just don't talk about skating when we're together. They've had a difficult career. They've always been second behind Grishuk & Platov, even when they deserved to be first. It must have been as frustrating as it is for us now."

After the compulsory and original dances

Marina: "I am glad, because we skated well even in the new parts of our waltz. But it was difficult to skate the compulsories and the original dance in just one day. It was quite a long day."

After the free dance

Marina: "Worlds are very soon, there are two weeks left, so I hope and I think that things will change because here, we knew that there was a lot of pressure put on the judges by the Russians, but at Worlds everything will change I think."
Gwendal: "And we just need one judge, for every round of the competition. Even yesterday for the original dance, we just needed one more judge, so it's really close... just one little thing and it will be alright.

Question: "However, it seems that the Russians' program was more successful here than in Prague?"
: "They were at home...(he smiles) so I think that the crowd was theirs before the program. But if you watch the video again carefully, you'll see that people don't cheer during their program, whereas they do during ours even though we are in Russia...
M.: "The only thing I noticed was the change of costumes... apart from that, it was exactly the same as Europeans."

Q.: "Your goal remains the same: being World champions?"
(Marina smiles)
G.: "Of course! Our goal won't change because of today's results. We were aware that it would be hard here in St Petersburg, but we fought well again, and we won't loose our courage."


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