2000 Grand Prix Final

After the gala


Nelson Monfort: "I think that the reception from the crowd in Lyon will remain in your hearts for a long time. You were skating at home and you did your job so well.
Gwendal: Yes, it's fabulous. We would like to thank everybody here in Lyon, they were great. i think that the crowd in Lyon is fabulous, the atmosphere is wonderful here.
Marina: I'm very happy of our victory here because the crowd was great and I would like to tell them that 'we love you'.
NM: They love you too immensely! There are big events waiting for you, with Europeans in a few weeks, how do you feel? I guess you can't feel better, even though the Italians, whom you like a lot, will be very serious competitors.
G: We are half-way in the season and i think we have worked well since Lalique, we'll go on. We've already improved a lot since the start of the season and we'll go on that way.
M: Yes, I think we are already ready for Europeans, Worlds, and I think it will go well."


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