2000 Trophée Lalique
After the free dance

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Nelson Monfort: Marina and Gwendal, good evening.
Marina & Gwendal: Good evening.
NM: It's a great pleasure to have you here and to present for the first time to the French viewers this program, which obviously has been very much worked on.
G: Yes, obviously, a lot of work on it and there's still a lot of work left. We are only at the start of the season. We are very happy because it has improved since Skate Canada 2 weeks ago, and we are also very relieved since, because of yesterday's second place, we were really wanting to do something beautiful and good tonight and it payed off.
M: We are very happy with this competition because it was not that easy for us mentally. After our World title it became more important, but yesterday we made mistakes and we were very disappointed, and today the only thing that helped us I think was the faithful French public that still helps us, and we are very very happy.
NM: You know Marina, we like your accent as much as your skating!
M (laughing): Thank you!!
Annick Gailhaguet: Your story is something very strong and deep. Maybe you could explain us more what you want to express through this program.
G: The theme is very very rich so I think, as we said the other day, that we won't be able to say everything tonight but we will explain it all through the season. So it's Beethoven's last night on Earth, when he finds himself in front of a dilemma -facing the devil who wants to take away his soul- that is "will he give his last work to the devil"- the 10th Symphony, the one that is unfinished, or... So, he has the choice between leaving, going to hell and leaving his symphony on Earth for the men, or giving it to the devil and having time to pursue his life. And of course, that is the basis for the story but then he comes back to his life and the happiest moments of his life. There's Marina who plays Teresa, the woman he's always loved and that he left the day he understood he had become deaf - or he was to become deaf. He was afraid that she would quit him so he left her with no explanation.
NM: Very, very beautiful story...
AG: It's pathetic indeed!
NM: I think we're going to see some slow motions... When did you think of this program for the first time? We know that the programs are prepared very early. Last year it was "Carmina Burana", this year it's this episode from Beethoven's life. When did you consider this program and this theme for the first time?
G: In fact, the first idea came in June in New York, when I first heard the music. I immediately knew it was the good one, even before showing it to Marina. And I wasn't wrong because as soon as she heard it she told me "that's the music I would have wanted". And we found it like that, and the theme came like that. At the moment I heard the music I said "that is really what we need".
M: It's hard to choose a music because last year we had a very powerful music and we really wanted to find something different but as powerful.
NM: Marina and Gwendal, thanks for joining us!
G: You're welcome.







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