1998 Trophée Lalique
After the free dance


Gwendal: "We are happy with our skating tonight, the program works well now, but I think that we can make it even better, it is still to be improved, and that's what we're going to do all through the season. We are glad tonight, it really pleased the crowd, and it is always magical here in Bercy."

Question: "What was the main difficulty for that lift (reverse lift)?"
: "That's just balance. We always try not to make demanding lifts when it's Marina who lifts. It looks very difficult, and it's true that it is very hard to do. By the way, we had many congratulations from the other skaters about that. This lifts means many hours of work."

Q.: "How did you find the idea for that program?"
: "At the very beginning, Muriel, our coach, had listened to the music and thought it was very good, so she told us about that. Then when we took part in a tour in the USA, we both saw the movie The Man in the Iron Mask, and we enjoyed it very much. So, after thinking about many other musics, we came back to this theme which is very strong, very powerful... and the music really is wonderful."


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