2000 Eisgala

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Speaker: You are very popular in France. You were on the front page of "Paris Match". What has changed for you since you've become World champions?
Yes, of course, being World champions in France in Nice was something great and changed a little bit our life but we didn't change our personalities, we're still the same, we still want to skate and to win and to do do the best all the time. But of course there is more sollicitation from the media and we have to say 'no' to a lot of things because we are very busy.
S: Marina, you skated almost to perfection. How do you want to top?
Marina: We still work hard and look for new elements and new coreography, and we still want to give our heart to the public.
S: What are you going to show us now?
G: So, this is a brand new number we just built last week for you. It will be a World premiere and we wanted to finish this year and to start the new year with a smile, so it's called 'Susanna' and I hope you will like it.


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