2000 Trophée Lalique
After the gala

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Nelson Monfort: Thanks for joining us, with this enthusiastic reception from the audience, and of course this coreography was very polished in relation to yesterday's program. So, it was a wonderful week-end I guess, Marina?

Marina: Yes, I'm very happy to win here at Trophée lalique in Bercy. I would like to thank the public for its reception and fidelity. Thank you!

NM: Gwendal, I know- as we often speak about it- that what pleases you beyond your success is just that French skating team which is really improving. Today there is a French team.

Gwendal:Yes, indeed. I think we really have a French team, we are very close to each other, you can often see it in shows. We start this season and all together we want to bring back a lot of medals and I think it will work with your support!


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