2000 French Nationals

After the free dance (talking about the broken boot)


Nelson Monfort:" It's the first time we see you with that kind of incident, what happened?
Gwendal: It's quite incredible, yes, it's the first time. At the end of the first fast part, when we did the lift, my boot came loose suddenly. I told it to Marina, we tried to go on but it was too much.
NM: We are watching the moment when it happened.
G: No actually the lace was untied long before, and then a hook of the skate broke.
Marina: It really is the first time we are in this situation. Gwendal told me before that he was going to fall, and we really didn't know what to do, it's the first time in our life it happens so...
Isabelle Duchesnay: It's an experience that is good for you now. You will know what to do now.
M: I think so too because...
G: Marina asked me if we should stop and I said "no, we go on", I thought we could go on, and the skate came loose and actually it's a hook that broke. I gave it to the referee. It's a hoke that went away.
ID: It was something that was to happen, it was the moment and now it will never happen again!
G: Yeah, but it's incredible that thing. It could have happened during warm-up, during pratice, but, no, it happens at the middle of the program. It's incredible. I think we were very unlucky at these championships, with my hand injury on Tuesday...
NM: Why did you decide to skate from the moment when you stopped, while you could have skated from the start of the program again?
M: I think it wasn't necessary to start again because we had really done the first part well, and I think that for the viewers and the crowd, to see the same thing is... It wasn't even necessary because we really did it well, and we carried on exactly from where we stopped. We are sorry for what happened, but it's the first time...
G: Yes, we couldn't do anything against it, it's a real shame that it happened tonight, sorry everybody!
NM: But the judges still gave you five 6.0s!
G: I think that in an incident like that, according to the rules you must forget the problem and mark the program as if nothing had happened. It has nothing to do with our technique, so...
ID: And you didn't loose the feeling of the program.
G: Yes.
NM: How would you judge your program this afternoon?
G: It's a lot better technically, we are more confident, it is more polished. Actually it grows and we feel better with it now. I think you can see it at first sight.
NM: Just one word about your work this summer, because I know, and you told us that you had never worked that hard on a program.
M: True, we worked a lot this year because it is a very difficult program, there are a lot of different steps, and maybe last year the program was a little less difficult. Even at international competitions, our competitors even from Russia come and tell us that it's fantastic."


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