2000 Masters Miko

After the short programs- Interview with Olga Markova


Nelson Monfort: "I am with the two leaders of the Russian and the French team, Olga Markova and Gwendal Peizerat. Gwendal, everything takes place in a very good frame of mind until now, doesn't it?"
Gwendal: "Yes, it's very friendly. We are very motivated for the second part. We are going to win, we are going to win!"
NM: "Good evening Olga, and welcome. Russia is slightly ahead it seems after the short program, but many things can still be decided."
Olga: "I hope that my team will be first because my team is the best in the World (she laughs)!"
NM: "Gwendal, do you agree? But it will be close because now jokers will count."
G: "I think that everthing will be decided on how cleverly we'll choose our jokers, and on good skating from everybody."
NM: "The joker will double the points?"
G: "Double the points, yes."
NM: "So, who are you going to play the joker on?"
G: "It hasn't been decided yet. Suspense!"
NM: "Olga, who are you going to play the joker on?"
O: "Oh, it's always a secret!" (She and Gwendal laugh together)


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