"Tout le sport" interview
(December 2000)

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(talking about their experience at the 2000 World championships)
It was very very important for us. It was not easy because we were second after the original dance, and in front of the French crowd -in front of our home crowd- we knew we had to win, there was no question! So I remember well how we came on the ice, how it was... It was difficult.
Gwendal: What I remember most is the noise! This moment was very... The music was very loud, the crowd in that arena in Nice was really very warm, and for us it was very impressive. And of course to see the flag being raised and to hear the "Marseillaise" in a moment like that was great.

(talking about what sports event they liked most this year)
M: What touched me this summer was the victory at the European championships in soccer for the French. It was against Italy so it reminded me of our World championships because we were also competing against the Italians. At the end, it was very interesting because it was nearly lost... But it shows that in sports one has to fight until the very end, until the last second, and it touched me and I was very very happy.
G: Kathy Freemann (spelling??) at the end of the 400m- not really for the success or the fact that she won at home, but above all for how she was and because the first question she was asked: "you must be so happy?", she answered: "I'm mainly relieved". It was the first feeling I had myself after the World championships, and and I found myself there again, and I thought "that's fine, I'm normal!!". At least it was something that somebody in the same situation could live the same way.


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