1999 World championships
After the free dance (interview for TF1)


Gwendal: "I don't know what to say, it's a bit hard, it's even very very hard tonight. I think we gave everything we had and... I don't know, I don't know what's happening... obviously that isn't the right way to go. Fortunately there is the crowd, and I hope that we'll be supported again because we really need that energy and that love from the crowd to go on."

Question: "Even after Prague, you were hoping to become World champions?"
: "It was possible... I am glad with the way we skated tonight, it was really fabulous and I think we were above the others, that's for sure. But unfortunately, this is not sport. That is politics."

Q.: "How to believe in this sport then?"
: "Thanks to the fans. I think our number one judgement is the crowd, the viewers, and (looking at the camera) you must go on watching, even when there are things like that. For us, it is important that you are with us and that you watch us."

Q.: "You'll still be there next year?"
: "Well, yes...that is a kind of a stimulus. And if we have to be 10 times better than the Russians to beat them, then we'll be 10 times better!"

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