1999 Trophée Lalique
After the free dance


Nelson Monfort: "Congratulations, I think it was very important to unveil for the first time this program in front of the French crowd."
Marina: "True, the first time is very difficult because we had never performed the program in front of a crowd. But I'm very happy for the start of the season, because we did the program well, it is really difficult technically, I think it really is a program to become World champions. "
NM: "That is all we hope for you. Gwendal, it went really well, but how many hours of work!!"
Gwendal: "So many hours of work behind us, and so many hours of work still left before the World championships in April! I think we can progress a lot on this program. We are very happy that we presented it and that the crowd liked it tonight, it encourages us to go back to training, and we think it really is a program that can take us to the top of the podium at Worlds."
NM: "Isabelle, do you have a word to say before the end? She lived every moment with a lot of intensity!"
Isabelle Duchesnay: "Yes, I had a lot of difficulties to comment while watching you. I was in awe."
G: "I think that Isabelle can understand what we live in that program (she says: "For sure!") with all the technical difficulties and how demanding it is."
NM: "Tomorrow is the gala, maybe you'll show us another thing?"
M: "This year we have to skate two programs at the Grand Prix Final and I think that our coach will want us to skate last year's program."
NM: "The Man in The Iron Mask?"
G: "Yes, we have to work on both programs for the Grand prix Final so we must go on skating it."



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