Special guests at "Vendredi c'est Julie"


I didn't tape the first part so I can't transcript it, but basically here is a report:
First, a short note about how they were dressed: Marina & Gwendal had their "Carmina Burana" costumes. Marina had her hair down and very little make up and looked very beautiful. Julie Snyder had a costume that looked a bit like M&G's costumes, and she was wearing a helmet and had protections on her knees!
They showed parts of their "Carmina Burana" performance at Worlds. Then Marina & Gwendal showed the start moves to Julie Snyder on the ice. Julie then tried to do them with Gwendal! They did the same with the turning lift (the one at the end of the first part of the program, right after the leaps), and Julie was crying and saying "oh! my head is spinning!! Isn't your head spinning when you do that, Marina?" And Marina was laughing and answered no. Then the three of them were in what looked like a cloackroom, and Julie asked if skating blades were cutting. Gwendal said: "Yes, when they are well wet, it can cut everything!" So they started cutting vegetables with their skates (it was so funny!!) to make a soap!

Second part:
(Julie is skating with Marina)
Julie Snyder: What is Gwendal's main quality?
Marina: It's hard to say it right now but... he is very clever, and he is kind.
(Julie is now skating with Gwendal)
Gwendal: Marina's main quality is her will-power. Despite all the difficulties she always go on.
J.S (with Marina): And his worst defect?
M: Hmm... Sometimes he is a bit capricious.
G: Her worst defect? Impatient.
J (skating with Marina): Do you have the time (because you are not romantically involved with Gwendal) to have a sentimental life off the ice?
M: Personnally at the moment I think more about my career and for the rest I'll see later!
J: So you don't have a fiancé or a boyfriend?
M: Of course I had... But I don't have somebody with whom I want to live now, that's for sure.
J: You don't have somebody wo is always there.
M: For the moment, no.
J: So you are single?
M: Yes.
J: Oh, some guys will be happy to hear that!
M: But I'm very busy at this time!!
J (laughing and looking at the camera): She is single but very busy so call back after Salt Lake City in 2002, she'll have the time!! (she and Marina laugh together) She will be Olympic medallist and she will have the time!! That's it (looking at Marina)?
Marina shrugs her shoulders and laughs.

Gwendal is there too now, and Julie is skating with a chair.
J: If I want to practice, I can start with a chair, since I don't have a Gwendal! (Gwendal laughs)
She and Gwendal do a spiral holding the chair together. Then Julie comes sat on the chair , sliding, and Marina and Gwendal stop her catching her hands.
J: that's a good practice, isn't it?
G: Pfff... Yes, I don't know if you will become World champion but...
J: I know, you are World champions, but I'm World champion too but with the Zamboni!!
G: Aaah!
J: Yes, I swear! With the Zamboni I'm unbeatable!!

Then, Julie does figures on the Zamboni! Marina shows a 6.0 mark. Then Marina & Gwendal both wave a flag when she finishes. Julie receives flowers and then Marina & Gwendal give her a hug!! (of course don't take it too seriiously!!)




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