2000 World championships
After the free dance


Nelson Monfort: "Marina & Gwendal! That is such happiness!"
Isabelle Duchesnay: "How did you feel? What happenned on the ice tonight? "
Gwendal: "It was fabulous tonight. It was very difficult physically and mentally. I was totally empty at the end when we were waving. It was a total black-out, I couldn't see anything around me."
NM: "Marina, we know that the fact that you were the real favorites wasn't easy, and yesterday you made a small mistake in the original dance. So how did you come back tonight?"
Marina: "The whole competition was very difficult for us. We wanted to do our best, it was the last competition, it was in France, the crowd was great. But for us it was a lot of pressure, but we really skated well, with a lot of emotion. Yesterday we did a small mistake, we were second for the first time, but today it was really good."



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