1) How many times did Marina & Gwendal win the French National title?
Six times

2) What is the name of Marina's dog?

3) What dancers were Gwendal's idols?
Duchesnay & Duchesnay

4) Marina's father was also a champion, but in what sport?
Ice hockey

5) When did Marina & Gwendal win their first medal at Europeans?
in 1998

6) What ice dancer has never skated with Marina:
Oleg Ovsiannikov

7) What are the names of Marina's and Gwendal's mothers?
Irina & Monique

8) Marina & Gwendal placed 4th at Worlds in 1996. Who won the bronze medal that same year?
Bourne & Kraatz

9) How did Gwendal get his snake?
he won it in a lottery

10) How many 6.0s did Marina & Gwendal get in the free dance at the 2000 Worlds?

11) What music did Marina & Gwendal first use for their original dance in 1998/1999 (Waltz)?
Waltz Masquerade

12) What is Marina's sign?


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