2002 European championships
Emma's photos
Ritti's photos
Susanna photo
Showing their medals
Photo of the top 3 teams
Showing their medals on the podium
Liberta - freedom lift
Liberta - reversed lift
Liberta - during circular step sequence
Liberta - final lift
OD - Gwendal kissing Marina in the Kiss & Cry
Tango photo
Tango photo - facing each other
Start of flamenco
Flamenco photo - during step sequence
Ravensburger waltz photo

2002 Grand Prix Final
Beth's photos
Podium photo
Reaction after Carmina Burana
Carmina Burana: reversed lift
Carmina Burana: close up view of reversed lift
Flamenco photo
Flamenco close up photo
Liberta practice-horizontal lift

2001 NHK Trophy
Mew's photos
Golden waltz CD photo
CD photo 2
CD photo 3
CD photo 4
CD photo 5

2001 Trophee Lalique
Beth's photos
Gala: OD encore photo by Daniel Castets
Susanna photo by Daniel Castets
Posing off-ice after the FD
End pose of FD (by Daniel Castets)
Backstage after the OD
Blue CD-bowing
Backstage after the CD

First pictures of "Liberta" (taken in Lyon)
Lift 2
Close up
Dramatic pose
Lift 3
Lift 4
Lift 5
Original pose
Another shot of the pose
Lift 6
Reversed lift

2001 French Tour
Photos from the show in Le Havre *new*
Start pose of "Susanna"
Start of "Susanna"
Sandrine Bonzi's photos
Grigli's photos

2001 Masters Miko
Eddy Lemaistre's photos *new*
Backstage photos
Mew's photos
Daniel Castets's photos

2001 World championships
Amy Salamey's photos
Ann Jensen's photos
Beth Hamill's photos
Pat Sormani's photos
Top 2 from the podium
Photo of the medallists
Podium photo
Emma Abraham's "Susanna" photos
Free dance photo
Free dance- spin
Free dance photo
Free dance photo
Free dance
Free dance black & white photo
Original dance- waving
Original dance- start pose
Original dance- on their toes
Original dance- steps
Original dance- foxrot
Original dance photo
Rhumba photo
Another rhumba photo
Emma Abraham's CD photos
OD practice photo

2001 Top Jump international
Nicole's photos

2001 European championships
Vera's photos
Gwendal with Kaeru the frog
Valerie Milon's photos
Jonna Löfdahl's photos
Podium photo
Free dance screen capture
Other free dance screen capture
Original dance: receiving their marks
Silver Samba photo
Westminster waltz photo

2000 ARD Gala on Ice
Tino Eberl's photos
End pose of "Beethoven's Last Night"

2000 NHK Trophy
Hiroko's photos
"Danse mon Esmeralda" start pose
End of free dance
Free dance practice
Marina with Kaeru the frog
Gwendal with Kaeru the frog
Mew's photos
Podium photo by Mew
"Danse mon Esmeralda" start pose
"Danse mon Esmeralda" photo
Podium photo
Free dance photo - spin
Free dance photo
Original dance- waving
Compulsory dance practice
Free dance photo

2000 Trophee Lalique
Olivier Brajon's photos
Ulrike's photos
Yukari's photos
Michel's photos
Free dance screen captures
Original dance photo
Free dance photo by Daniel Castets
Free dance: spin
Podium photo

2000 Skate Canada
Beth's photos
Emma Abraham's photos
Marg Burwell's photos
Podium photo
Amy Salamey's photos
Mary Lally's photos
Andrea's photos
Photos from the OD practice
Andrea Chempinski's photos
Start of "Danse mon Esmeralda"
Start pose of the compulsory dance (rhumba)
Photo from the press conference
Free dance: reversed lift
Free dance: spiral
Free dance photo
Free dance: spin
Free dance photo
Free dance photo
Free dance start pose
Free dance photo: start of spiral
Photo from the gala "Danse mon Esmeralda"
Photo from the gala- new lift
Backstage photo
Beth's photos from the free dance practice
Beth's photos from the original dance
Beth's photos from the OD practice (and one shot of their new lift)
Beth's photos from the OD practice - page 2
Beth's photos from the OD practice - page 3
Original dance: step sequence
Original dance
Original dance: lift
Original dance: doing steps
Original dance: crossovers
Original dance:spin
Original dance: legs up!
Original dance: facing each other
Original dance photo (great pose)
Beth's photos from the CD (rhumba)
Beth's photos from the OD practice
Beth's photos (FD practice)
Wednesday OD pratice photo
Wednesday OD practice photo - getting ready

2000 Masters (Lyon)
Ulrike's photos

2000 Champions on Ice Tour
Backstage photo by Francis
Esmeralda photos
Emma Abraham's photos

2000 Masters Miko
Original dance - waving - photo by Eddy Lemaistre
Esmeralda photo by Daniel Castets
Carmina Burana photo (reverse lift) by Daniel Castets
Michel's photos
Clara's photos

2000 World championships
Free dance photo: lift
Podium photo
Photo of Marina from the original dance
Original dance photo
Argentine tango photo
Podium photo by Satoko
Original dance photo by Satoko
Michel's photos
Screen captures by Shanfan
Free dance photos by Daniel Castets
Original dance (latin combination) photos by Daniel Castets
Argentine tango photo by Daniel Castets
Carmina Burana photo by Daniel Castets
Free dance photo from Iskater.com
Argentine tango CD photo from Iskater.com
Amy Salamey's photos
Amy Salamey's podium photos
Toshiko's photos
Emma's photos of Carmina Burana
Emma's photos of Danse mon Esmeralda
Emma's photo of the tango CD
Emma's photos of the Viennese Waltz CD
Emma's photos of the original dance
Emma's podium photos
Gwendal sending postcards from his window by Emma
Michelle Wojdyla's photos
Toshiko's photos
Marg Burwell's OD photo
Sandrine Bonzi's photos
Carmina Burana start by Manuella Federella

2000 European championships
Final Pose of Carmina Burana (practice) by Manuella Federella
Podium photo by Obojanie
Showing their medals
Latin OD final lift
Carmina Burana lift
Podium photo
Mew's photos
Final pose of Carmina Burana by M.Federella
"Danse mon Esmeralda" photo by M.Federella
Valerie Milon's photos

2000 Grand prix Final
Sandrine's photos
Gwendal photo by Emma
OD practice photos by Emma
Ulrike's photos (practice)
Ulrike's practice photos

1999 NHK Trophy
Toshiko's photos
Yukari's Free dance photos
Yukari's OD photos
Yukari's gala photos
Yukari's practice photos
Yukari's off-ice photos
Mew's photos
Free dance -lift photo by Takami
Marina with Galit Chait
On the podium

1999 Trophée Lalique
Elin's photos
Ulrike's free dance photos
Carmina Burana photos by Daniel Castets
Mew's photos
Original dance photo by Satoko
Gwendal off ice photo by Satoko

1999 Champions on Ice tour
David Reichel's pictures
Toeloopy's photos
Finale group photo by Emma
Finale photos by Emma
Emma's photos
Diane's photos
Lisa's photos

1999 World championships
Original dance photo
At the draw: Marina with Marya Butyrskaya
Start of their free dance
Original dance (waltz) final pose
Gwendal smiling (off the ice)
Original dance (waltz) start pose
Original dance photo
Waltz OD -spiral
Toeloopy's photos
Emma's photos
Freedom lift

1999 Grand Prix Final
Time to say goodbye exhibition by Eda
Free dance reverse lift photo by Eda
Free dance practice photo (first lift) by Eda
Waltz OD practice photo by Eda
Waltz photo by Eda
Paso-doble compulsory dance photo by Eda
Paso-doble compulsory dance photo by Takami

1999 Super Stars on Ice
Yukari's photos
Waltz OD - spiral
In their "Time to say goodbye" costumes

1998 NHK Trophy
Ice dance photos by Obojanie
Mew's photos

1998 Skate America
Podium photo (with Lobacheva & Averbukh and Fusar-Poli & Margaglio) by Eda
Free dance "The man in the Iron Mask" - final pose photo by Eda
Free dance practice photo by Eda
Waltz OD photo by Eda
Compulsory dance photo by Eda
Compulsory dance practice photo by Eda
Toeloopy's photos

1998 World championships
"Time to say goodbye" exhibition photo by Eda
Podium photo by Eda
Free dance practice photo by Eda
Free dance "Romeo & Juliet" photo by Eda
Free dance "Romeo & Juliet" - second reverse lift photo by Eda
Jive OD practice photo by Eda

1998 Medallists on Ice Gala
Mew's photos

1998 Olympic Games
Mew's photos

1997 Masters Miko
Ahla leila photo

1997 Honda Cup
Mew's photos

1997 Nations Cup
Start of Romeo & Juliet

1997 Champions Series Final
Emma's photos *new*

1996 NHK Trophy
Free dance - lift

1996 Skate Canada
Emma's photos *new*

1994 NHK Trophy
Gwendal off ice with Sophie Moniotte
Marina off the ice
Together off the ice
Original dance photo

Eissport magazine cover- Romeo & Juliet photo
October "Blades on Ice" cover

A "chibi" of Ahla Leila
Cartoon of "The Man in the Iron Mask" by Diane
"Crazy delerious" photos of Gwendal at Nice!

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