Congratulations to the 2002 Olympic champions!

Marina & Gwendal won the Olympic title with perfect performances all through the competition. Russians Irina Lobacheva & Ilia Averbukh won the silver medal, and Barbara Fusar-Poli & Maurizio Margaglio of Italy won the bronze. It is the first Olympic gold medal ever for France in ice dance.
This special Olympics page will remain here with the screen captures and links to articles and photos, and will be updated with transcripts of interviews and more of Michele Peltier's photos.

A&P Online's screen captures
Opening ceremony
Compulsory dances
Original Dance
Free Dance
Medal ceremony

Michele Peltier's photos
Medal ceremony
Free dance warm-up
Free dance
Meeting with Gwendal *new*


Poster in the Logan rink

Olympic articles
Olympic ice dance champions retire
Spotlight to stay on figure skating after the games
The pair with Gallic flair
Free dance
Glory for French pair
France takes gold in ice dancing
France wins ice dance gold medal for the first time
Judges dance to the right tune
Bourne & Kraatz just miss podium after last-second fall
French ice dance duo sweep to historic victory
France's first-ever gold in ice dance
Anissina, Peizerat win ice dance as Italians fall
Original dance
French maintain lead with fiery permformance
Flamenco keeps French in First in Ice Dancing
A new storm brews
French lead after original dance
Bourne & Kraatz remain fourth in ice dance
Compulsory dances
All eyes are on judges
French duo lead the dance
French pair grabs early lead in ice dancing
French lead as ice dance sidesteps scandal
Trouble awaits Canucks?
Curiosity turns to dance as French couple lead
Bourne & Kraatz fourth after compulsory dance
IOC could give 2 skating golds
Olympic ice dancers cometh
Skating flap brings call for reform
Olympic Dance Preview
Quickstep, blues chosen for ice dancing
History favors Kwan, not Plushenko
The matchups: Ice dance
Ice arena ticketing system changed
Figure skaters to watch at the Winter Games
Up in the air
Michelle Kwan hopes to turn silver into gold



Photo links
OD encore
"Susanna" reversed lift
"Susanna" - Marina walking on Gwendal
Medal ceremony
French flag waving
Holding the French flag - from the back
Showing their gold medals
Top three teams showing their medals
Waving to the crowd on the podium
On podium- Gwendal kissing his medal
On podium - Gwendal showing his medal
Watching the flags being raised
Marina reapplies make-up before medal ceremony
Free dance
Start of Liberta
Reversed lift photo 1
Reversed lift photo 2
Reversed lift photo 3
Reversed lift photo 4
Spin photo
Final lift
Skating to the KnC
Original dance
End of OD - Gwendal jumping
OD photo from above
Tango photo - head to head
Tango photo
Photo from tango
Start of OD
Compulsory dances
Blues CD-final move
Blues CD-final pose
Blues CD photo
Blues CD - another photo
Blues CD- close up photo
Quickstep CD- Gwendal kisses Marina in the KnC
Quickstep CD photo
Start of quickstep CD
OD practice-start pose
OD practice photo
CD practice (quickstep) - start pose
CD practice photo
"Liberta" practice - horizontal lift
"Liberta" practice - final lift
Opening ceremony
Close up shot of Marina at opening ceremony
Opening ceremony (with Marina & Muriel Zazoui)
French team at the opening ceremony (with Gwendal)





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