2001 Trophée Lalique
Gwendal at the hotel after the free dance

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Pictures & comments
by Michele Peltier

Gwendal arrives at the Novotel and is greeted by the applause of the fans.


Once again, Gwendal begins to remove his clothes. This time, I manage to capture it on film. Realizing that I was ready with camera in hand, he wisely decides to only unzip his polar fleece pullover. ;-)


"Naba" gets tucked away into his suitcase for transport back to Lyon.


Gwendal admires the box containing little paper stars given to him by one of the fans. Each star is supposed to give one days worth of luck. She made approximately 250-300 stars; enough to give them luck the entire season!


Here is the "boy" bouquet of flowers presented by members of the Anissina & Peizerat fan club.

Our very own Elin collecting her 153 autograph from Gwendal (like I should talk). ;-)


Gwendal working hard at 'his other job'. He is signing some of Beth's photographs.


The "accident"...

Sev, who is president of the Anissina-Peizerat Fan Club, sends Marina and Gwendal a "Congratulations on your win at Trophee Lalique" message using Hils' cell phone.


Gwendal replies to the message and being the conscientious person that he is, decides to do a spell check before sending the message.


Gwendal is surprised that an unusual name like his does not display in the spell check.


Putting two and two together, he comments that Hils must be sending a lot of text messages with his name because the spell checker seems to recognize the word "Gwendal."


Scrambling to recover, Hils tries to convince Gwendal that she has an 'uncle Gwendal' living in Boca Raton, Florida. He doesn't buy the explanation.


Somewhat distracted by the spell checker incident, he inadvertently sends the same message to Sev three times.



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