If you want to chat with other fans of skating and most of all, of Anissina & Peizerat, here are three mailing lists that are dedicated to them! They are quite different and maybe one of them suits you better, or maybe you'll like the three of them (as I do!). Mailing lists are a good way to meet other fans, share opinions, and get news! In case you er not familiar with mailing lists, here is how it works: you receive messages from the list members via e-mail, and you answer to the list the same way. It's as simple as that! Here are the three lists dedicated to Marina & Gwendal. If you want to know about other lists, visit the Egroups website.

This list was the first A&P list to appear, and it now has more than 300 members (and it's growing!). Emma Abraham owns this list and she is likely to get news about Marina & Gwendal, because she holds their official fan club. This list is open to any discussion about Marina & Gwendal and ice dance/figure skating in general. It is a more "serious" list than the other ones and I like it because you can speak about different aspect of ice dance, etc. But it is still a good list if you want to have fun too! That's why I recommend it. Just a note (that may be significant to you!): Gwendal subscribes to this list...
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This list is a more "informal" list, and its goal is "freedom of speach". This list is certainly more open and it is more a fun list. I can't say what list is the best, because they are very different from each other, however I can tell you this list is definitely for less serious topics (most of the time).
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A list in French for the natural born fans of Marina & Gwendal (I mean, French people, LOL), or for people who just like to speak about them in Gwendal's native language!
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