2002 Olympic Games
Quickstep, blues chosen for ice dancing
History favors Kwan, not Plushenko
The matchups: Ice dance
Ice arena ticketing system changed
Figure skaters to watch at the Winter Games
Up in the air
Michelle Kwan hopes to turn silver into gold

2002 European championships
Anissina & Peizerat regain European title
Anissina & Peizerat earn 6.0 in Original Dance
Anissina & Peizerat take ice dance lead
Yagudin takes lead after skating short program
Top teams tied after compulsory dances
Quotes from the event

2002 Grand Prix Final
Bourne and Kraatz show form that could win them Olympic medals
Bourne and Kraatz win Grand Prix Final
Sale, Pelletier win eighth staight
French lead well judged dance event
Canadian pair second at GP Final
Emma's reports
French lead error filled dance event
Grand Prix Final hampered by small rink
ISU Grand Prix Final a preview to Olympics

2001 NHK Trophy
French pair wins gold, Canadians fourth
French win with ordinary performance
Chinese duo places first at NHK Trophy
Malinina wins skating gold at NHK
Nikodinov leads at NHK Trophy
French dazzle Japanese audience
Nikodinov places first
French first after compulsory dance
NHK Trophy determines who advances to GP Final

2001 Trophee Lalique
French a perfect 6.0 at Lalique
Bourne and Kraatz finish second
Bourne, Kraatz win silver at Lalique Trophy
French pair edge Bourne and Kraatz
Yagudin leads after men's short program
French earn 6.0 for original dance
Russians lead after singles events
French couple leads after dance compulsories
Anissina and Peizerat make GP debut at Lalique

2001 World championships
Dance summary
Aaron's reports
Kelly Behning's reports
Ann Jensen's reports
Italians win their first gold
Italians take ice dancing gold
Italians first after original dance
Italians, French lead dance qualifyings
World championships preview
World dance competition up in the air

2001 Grand Prix Final
French pair in question
Grand Prix Final preview

2001 European championships
2001 European championships highlights
Slutskaya leads into free- Italians win dance
Russians dominate women's event while Italians take the dance
Italians claim first ice dance title
Holders fall from grace
Italians win dramatic dance event
Fusar-Poli & Margaglio narrowly win original dance
Italians earn 6.0 and move into first place
Italians take lead at European championships
Italian, French tie in European ice dance
Italians' Samba has a silver lining

2000 ARD Gala on Ice
Review (in German)

2000 NHK Trophy
NHK Trophy highlights
Champs dominate NHK trophy early
Russians, french lead ice dancing

2000 Trophée Lalique
Marie's and Ben's reviews
Trophée Lalique review
Russians win big at Lalique event
Butyrskaya's artistry proves unbeatable
Butyrskaya leads Paris skating
French fight back to take title
Russians upset World champions

2000 Skate Canada
Andrea's free dance report
French ice dancers win at Skate Canada
French win ice dance gold, Canadians take bronze
Sudden depth in dance
Defending champions take gold
Andrea's review of the free dance practice
French dancers continue to lead
Andrea's review of the Original dance
Slutskaya leads Kwan after short program
Anissina, Peizerat try to extend winning streak
Anissina, Peizerat top compulsory dance
Emma's reports
Andrea's review of the compulsory dance
Laurie's reviews
Andrea's review of the OD practice
Skate Canada preview: all four current World champions to compete in Mississauga
Skate Canada preview
Seventeen Canadians in Skate Canada meet

2000 Masters in Lyon
Benjamin's review

2000 Champions on Ice Tour
Reviews from all shows from TEN
Anaheim review from the MK Forum
San Jose review from the MK Forum
Sacramento review

2000 Masters Miko

2000 World championships
Interview from L'Equipe after Worlds
Direct access worlds archive
Anissina and Peizerat take gold in dance
French capture the dance world title
Anissina and Peizerat take gold in dance
Gold for France; Canadians 10th in final ice dance
French first in final ice dance standings
French Dancers Win Gold
Latin rhythms around the World Championship
Fusar-Poli & Margaglio Steal Lead
Threatened Peizerat leads dance with Anissina
Kelly's review - day 6

2000 European championships
Anissina, Peizerat hold off Italians
Mew's report

2000 French Nationals
Weichi's review

1999 NHK Trophy
Mew's reports

1999 Trophée Lalique
My review
Weichi's review

1999 Masters Miko
Weichi's review

1999 World championships
Kelly's review - day 5
Kelly's review - day 6

1999 Grand prix Final
Eda's review

1999 European championships
Weichi's review

1998 Trophée Lalique
French look to stop Russian streak at Lalique
Weichi's review

1998 Skate America
Anissina Peizerat win Skate America compulsories

1998 Olympic Games
Grishuk, Platov claim 2nd Olympic gold in ice dance

1997 Champions Series Final
Eda's review

1996 Tour of champions
All shows reviews

Interview at about.com
Anissina & Peizerat- Ones to watch added December 10

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